X-Chair And Mavix, Two Sides Of An Awesome Chair Company (Contest!)

X-Chair is a company that has 2 faces. It serves 2 different consumers, with very different needs.

On one front X-Chair‘s incredibly sleek, ergonomic, and comfortable business chair which is marketed to a professional consumer, and even includes their new X77 massage chair for personal recovery use.

On the other side of their business Mavix produces high quality and ambitious chairs for gamers, streamers, and general loungers of the Internet.

So how does a company that plays Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde meet the needs of these 2 different groups so well?

Well the one tactic that allows them to serve both fields so well, all at the same time, has to do with their ability to listen to their consumers. They have even partnered with influencers so they can test their products in the gaming field, while still connecting their line to a long history in the chair industry. Due to this technique, they continue to produce high-quality chairs to their user’s needs, regardless of the person sitting in them.

Their bifurcated lumbar system called Dynamic Variable Lumbar, or DVL, alone is a very unique system to their chairs that helps them create the most comfortable and ergonomic seat available for either of their markets.

Now, their newest product Elemax is going to serve a very important, and often ignored need within the gaming community. Elemax is an accessory to X-Chair and Mavix products, when added to the chair it produces massages to tired and stressed gamers. It can also provide heating and cooling for its users so that they are always in an ideal environment. You won’t want to leave your gaming chair, which means you can game for longer! I hope that’s a good thing…

On top of all these really cool features and partnerships, they wanted to give back to the gaming community and their customers. So to do that they’ve started a brand new giveaway program, the Mavix’s Golden Ticket!

Until February 2nd, people who purchase a Mavix chair will be automatically entered to win a series of prizes just for being a customer of the company. These prizes will vary with everyone at least receiving a “Black Ticket” that will get you things like swag, hats, or t-shirts. “Silver Tickets” will net you $50 gift certificates from places like Best Buy, GameStop, and Doordash, but are limited to only 50 winners. There will be however 5! “Golden Tickets” which will be valued at over $3000 each! You could receive a complete gaming system, vacation giveaways, shopping sprees, or even crypto! Good luck, and congrats to those lucky enough to receive a golden ticket!

The important thing to note is that anyone that buys a Mavix chair will receive a prize! This is just a fun way that the company is saying thank you to all of the people in the gaming community, and giving back to people who fell in love with their products and have been so supportive.

Join in on the fun and purchase your own chair Here!

Those who aren’t really into gaming, but work on the business side, are probably aware that businesses prefer chairs that don’t exactly make their employees comfortable. They prefer chairs that specifically keep their employees active and at attention, while relatively making their employees able to interact better with their work.

Nowadays though, a lot of employees have transitioned to working from home, and the office chair purchase has begun to be purchased by employees and not the faceless corporations. So comfort can return to the “home” workplace. X-Chair has always been interested in comfort though, and you can bring that comfort home with their products. Their chairs will definitely make you less cramped during those long work hours.

Check out their business line of products Here!

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