Omaze Wants To Give You A Chance To Eat At Chez Panisse

Omaze wants to fly you out to Berkeley, California, for Earth Day for a unique and organic meal made from sustainable food sourced locally, in peak season. The restaurant for the meal will at Chef Alice Waters’ world famous Chez Panisse. You’ll enjoy your meal with Chef Alice Waters and José Andrés, as you can talk about the farm to table movement, and sustainable practices.

Omaze will even hook you up with being able to sit in on José Andrés’ Edible Education Course lecture at UC Berkeley.

If you win this raffle, you will receive these prizes:

  • Airfare for two, to Berkeley, California.
  • Stay in a 4-star hotel.
  • Enjoy dinner at Chez Panisse.
  • Eat with the chefs Alice Waters & José Andrés.
  • Sit in on José Andrés’ lecture for his Edible Education 101 course at UC Berkeley.
  • Donations for this raffle will support the Edible Schoolyard Project.

    More about the Edible Schoolyard Project:
    The Edible Schoolyard Project wants to show children how to create a sustainable garden, and go through the process of growing, preparing, and serving each other. With their program, children will be able to learn the skills of cultivating and growing their own food, a skill that will last them through their life.

    Hurry up and enter the charity raffle Here, because the raffle ends on April 8, 2020.

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