Source Point Press Is Looking For LGBTQ+ Voices For A Penny Dreadful Contest!

We’ve talked a little bit here and there about Source Point Press and their comics, but now they want you to talk! That’s right Source Point Press is opening its doors for submissions in the genre of queer horror anthology for their new Dandy Presents Penny Dreadfuls!

As a way to get more LGBTQ+ voices into comics, Source Point Press is looking for new LGBTQ+ creative teams to submit ideas for one-shot stories set in the Victorian era. These Penny Dreadful horror stories will be then hosted by Dandy of The Lavender Society.

If you are not aware of Dandy, he is the leader of a secret organization of homosexuals that goes by the name “The Lavender Society“. You can see him and his troop traveling the world performing as comedy cabaret artists. Now, Dandy’s performances will be to lead the Penny Dreadfuls of Source Point Media similar to how the Crypt Keeper led the series Tales from the Crypt.

To be able to submit your story you will have to create 6 to 8-page Victorian horror pitches for comic books, and the pitch should include a story synopsis/script and art samples.

Of all the submitted stories, only three will be chosen, but all three winners will receive $500 in prize money.

Winners will be notified on April 4, 2022 and will be assigned an editor to assist in the development. The money will be dispersed after the completion of the comic book pages by May 23, 2022.

Submit your stories Here and make sure to select the “Dandy Presents Submission” option. The selected stories will be released to the public in August, 2022.

So, do you have a horror story to submit?

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