Video Games for the Week of May 25th, 2021

PS4, Switch & Xbox One

Kaze and the Wild Masks by SOEDESCO Publishing

Built in the style of a 90’s platformer, Kaze and the Wild Masks, has you venture to save your frined from a curse effecting your island. Use the power of the Wild Masks to embody animals.

PS4 & Switch

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster by Sega

A remaster of the game from Atlus, play as a person in Tokyo who is caught between a battle of Gods when the world is swept into an ethereal apocalypse!

PS4 & Xbox One

Biomutant by THQ Nordic

In this game, you have the option to do harm or good, change your genetic structure, alter your looks and abilities, and craft weapons and gear to your specifications. This game seems completely customizable, which is amazing for people who spend way too much time making their Sims looks exactly like they do. Combat is a mixture of martial arts, mutant powers, and gunslinging, which leads to some truly beautiful fight scenes. The story’s ending is also open, so choose your actions carefully!


Maneater by Deep Silver

Who doesn’t want to be a shark? Well, now you can be in this open-world water-based RPG. Oh my god, this game needs to be out now, and we need to be playing it now! You can travel to seven areas, in full-day cycles. NOW OUT ON SWITCH!

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