Video Games for the Week of November 22nd, 2022

PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X & Xbox One

Evil West by Focus Entertainement

Evil comes to the West as a Vampires begins consuming cowboys. Can you rise up the ranks of vampire hunters to take down the blood-sucking threat and save the west from it’s newest and deep-rooted monsters.

In visceral, explosive combat, unleash hell with your firearms, lightning-fueled gauntlet and gadgets. Kill bloodthirsty monstrosities in style as a lone hunter or in co-op with a friend. Explore and fight in a narrative-driven campaign while upgrading your weapons and hunting tools. Unlock new perks to evolve your monster-slaying mastery, crafting your own playstyle to defeat the supernatural hordes.

Gungrave GORE by Prime Matter

A third-person shooter where you unleash a barrage of bullets in a game where you take on the role of the gunslinger Grave. Play as the western anti-hero throught South-East Asia!

In the near future, the Seed, a dangerous alien drug re-surfaces and spreads all over the world.
You are “Grave” a former Mafia hitman, killed, revived and turned into a one-man army, a Gunslinger of Resurrection.
Devoid of emotions but obsessed with eradicating the Seed and protecting your adopted daughter, Mika.
Prepare for an epic quest across South-East Asia and exact your vengeance

PS5, Switch & Xbox Series X

Just Dance 2023 by Ubisoft

Return to Just Dance for its 2023 Edition. The game features online multiplayer, personalization, and new songs for the year. Pick up additional songs throughout the year!

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