Video Games for the Week of December 7th, 2021

PS5, PS4 & Switch

Ever Forward by PM Studios
Play as Maya a girl stuck between reality and an imaginary world. Sove puzzles to unlock her memories and help her journey through her dispair, and dark secrets she keeps hidden from even herself.

PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X & Xbox One

Monopoly Madness by Ubisoft
Are you a fan of Monopoly? This game comes with multiple ways to play the game through a 3D city representation of the board. Can you be a hotel tycoon, or are you board for bankruptcy?

Xbox Series X & Xbox One

Halo Infinite by Microsoft
Return to the world of Halo with their newest version, Infinite. This adventure of Master Chief is rumored to have the most expansive campaign yet, no longer just an online game with a small campaign attached. Explore the full scale of the Halo ring! When it’s time to return to multiplayer, cross-play will allow you to play alongside all Xbox users regardless of generation or PC.

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