Re-Join Borat’s Journey Through Quarantine With New Amazon Specials

In probably the coolest decision to date, Amazon and Sacha Baron Cohen are not just leaving the people in the dark that they experienced during their sequel.

The two friends Jim and Jerry that “Borat” encountered in his film, which invited him into their home during the first days of the quarantine are getting two specials.

Two of the stand out segments are Borat’s American Lockdown and Debunking Borat.

In these specials coming on May 25th, Borat will delve deeper into the content that he shot, and choose to leave out of the final film.

Borat’s American Lockdown

    Borat began work on the series prior to COVID, and fortunately during the first days of the lockdown they hit the ground running to cover the insanity of the experience. Now see Borat dealing with more of the wild and insane experiences that didn’t specifically flow with the story of the feature film.

Debunking Borat

    Jim and Jerry have some wild ideas, but they honestly don’t seem like bad people. They let a foreign stranger into their home during a crazy time in America, and were willing to help, they’ve just fallen into some bad information rabbit holes.
    Debunking Borat takes the time to specifically show how they could get there, and allows the two to connect with experts, and the people they fear, like Hillary Clinton, so they can have the wool pulls off their eyes. Will Jim and Jerry open their minds to this new information, or will they be set in their ways? You can only know from watching this special.

So make sure to check out both of these features on Amazon Prime Video when they come out on May 25, 2021.

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