Comic Book Spotlight: Gray

This is the first graphic novel I’ve gotten to read from Clover Press. The print was bold and clear, page weight and gloss high quality. I enjoyed holding the physical copy in my hands and the sound of each page turning.

Gray is a modern and unique retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray, a tale of a man so obsessed with staying young and beautiful he turns to acts of deception and murder after giving his soul to remain looking as he had in a painted portrait.

Are there any goals that are worth chasing, no matter the cost?

Basic Synopsis

In Gray, the reader is introduced to Henry, a detective looking to solve a sudden rash of high profile targets involved in assaults of devious and sexual nature. Someone is pulling the strings and naming the targets but who or why is a mystery that will take time (and more comic book issues) to unravel.

My Take

My overall take is that this is a solid story for those who love a gritty tale. The characters are fleshed out with personal history or experiences that enforce who they are. Henry’s chain of events leading him to want to become an officer is very compelling with trauma and real struggles. The artwork is fluid, with good lines and character designs and conveys the mood of the scene to the reader. There is violence and sexual content, but it isn’t over the top or in your face; it keeps an artistic and narrative value through the entire book. I’m invested in this tale enough to want to keep reading it as it is published. I would recommend picking this up if you enjoy modernized versions of classic literature.

Find out more about the Gray series Here

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