Kong And Me – Comic Books Spotlight

We’ve covered a couple kid themed comics in the past, but this is our first covering of a pre-k book!

We were lucky enough to snag a preview copy of the pre-k book Kong and Me from Legendary Comics. This book was written by Kiki Thorpe with illustrations by Nidhi Chanani.

When we originally saw this book, we assumed it was early indoctrination material to train your children to love the same monsters that you love, but we were mistaken in our first impressions.

Hidden in this work based on the black and white screen monster of yesteryear, is a tale that shows children at a young age that you can appreciate and grow from the differences with your friends. It hides in plain text so many powerful messages about points of view, inclusivity, and individuals talents. All of which it does in a short but gorgeous 30ish page story.

Just the right length to entertain your children. Additionally the art style reminds me a lot of Curious George, and has that same simplistic style that will pull your children in.

I have my own little one, and while she may still be a little young to appreciate the story of Kong and Me, she will love the beautiful imagery of the pages as I read it to her.

If you’d like to pre-order this book, you can do so Here.

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