Invasion From Wrestletopia Issue #4 – Comic Book Review

Lets get ready to ruuuuummmmbbblllleeeeee! Welcome back everybody and thanks for keeping up with me on this sci-fi wrestling adventure. If you need to play some catch up, you can find my preview review and my first, second, and third issue review Here!

As a quick recap, alien wrestlers from the planet Wrestletopia trapped Earth in a steel cage and invaded every country. Manifest Destiny, aka the galactic ruler of Wrestletopia, is on the hunt for Rory Landell, the egotistic AWF wrestler who very early on in the series affirmed that he was the galactic champion. The year is 1994 and the challenge has been established to see who is truly the ultimate out of this world champion….

Continuing from where we last left off in the series we find Rory, Don, and Mini Macho recovering from their car being cart wheeled and thrown off the edge of a cliff by an alien invader. Or as Rory has dubbed them, “bounty hunters”. They find themselves in an abandoned part of town looking for a new car when all of the sudden, MORE ALIEN WRESTLERS ATTACK. Man, can’t they just get a break already? A fight ensues and once again Rory is saved by some old friends of his, including an old flame of his named Linda. We met her in the very beginning of the series and as the quote says, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” She is joined by fellow vintage AWF wrestlers and the whole gang travels off together. During the ride, while Rory tries to apologize and claim he left her so she can be better off without him, since he wasn’t a headliner anymore. You know the whole, “It’s not you it’s me spiel”, Linda informs him that once again he has been made a headliner making his name relevant again.

Advertisements have begun for AWF to host the most legendary,” won’t see it anywhere but here” heavyweight galactic title match. Appropriately names Galact-O-Match, things are coming into place for Dick. All he is missing is the challenger: “Rock and Roll” Rory Landell who he still needs to find. He is confident that he will find him and promises fast results……

Rory and the gang end up at a bar/male strip club. Linda and Rory find themselves having another ex-lovers quarrel and he has just about enough. He walks out and hitchhikes with a truck driver which is always the wisest idea, right? Little does he know that Don and the rest of the vintage wrestler gang suffer from another ambush in the bar! Rory may not be as safe as he thinks……

If you wanna read the rest, pick it up Here! The suspense is starting to kill me! There are only two issues left and we are approaching the end! Stay tuned to find out what Rory’s fate is and if he will be able to save Earth from disgruntled alien wrestlers….

As always, thank you guys for coming with me on this unusual adventure we are having! I’ll see you all next time for issue number 5’s review.

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