Conner’s Critique – Murderville

Will Arnet is my guilty pleasure. His voice, his sense of humor, and his willingness to allow himself to be the butt of the joke will always draw me in.

So when we saw his new Murderville murder mystery show coming to Netflix, we had to review it!

As always we break down our reviews by Story, Acting, and Overall!

Story 8.5/10

The premise is lifted from the 2015 BBC Three show Murder in Successville which ran for three seasons. In the original show and our American adaptation, the detective will be assigned a new partner every week. Once assigned and banter is had, the chief will give them a murder case to solve.

As the show goes on, clues will be presented at the scene of the crime, and witnesses will be interviewed. At the end of the episode, the guest of the episode will guess who the killer is and reveal their motivation for their decision. Then the chief will confirm or correct the assumption while revealing all the clues that were put on display.

This reminds me a lot of an amazing experience event called Accomplice: Hollywood. While they still have Accomplice in New York, the Hollywood experience was created by Neil Patrick Harris and set you up as detectives around a sea of actors hidden in the crowd of Hollywood.

That experience was fun, and watching these celebrities made me feel like I was back there at that game. You can play along at home with Murderville and keep an eye out for clues!

Acting 9/10

The acting in this series isn’t amazing, but that’s kinda the point. Everything is over the top, plans are made and then thrown out the window all because it’s unknown if the unscripted guest will go completely off-book.

There is something amazing about catching the moments that break Will Arnet, who plays the lead detective Terry Seatle.

All of the celebrity guests are fun and bring something unique and interesting to the show. If I had to pick my favorite it would likely be a toss-up between Kumail Nanjiani and Conan O’ Brian, but it’s worth noting that Annie Murphy, Ken Jeong, Marshawn Lynch, and Sharon Stone all did very well.

Overall 9/10

If you are a fan of comedy and murder mystery then this is the show for you!

There is just something inherently funny about Will Arnet trying very hard to keep. Straight face while constantly messing with his celebrity guests.

Constantly pouring hot sauce on Conan O’ Brian’s food till he felt sick was amazing.

Conner’s Final Thoughts

There is a mystery mentioned throughout the entire series that becomes the final case at the end. I won’t spoil it, but it was fun to see that.

However, I worry if that was meant as a conclusive end to the series as a whole. I personally would love to see more than just 6 episodes. He’ll the original BBC Three show had three seasons, why not Murderville?

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