Conner’s Critique: Rick And Morty – Season 7

With the new season having been recorded, aired, and reviewed, it’s now time to talk about what the 7th season means to the larger fandom as a whole. While we know this review is going to be controversial to some, we still need to jump on in and break it down by story, acting, and overall.

Story 9/10

Unlike other seasons of Rick and Morty where they will drag out the lore, keep things from the fans, and have the mentality that information will get released eventually as long as it’s organic, this season jumped into revealing and dealing with the issues of Prime Rick pretty fast off the first episode.

Dealing with Prime Rick and Rick revenge was one thing, but bringing Evil Morty into the battle was an interesting concept. Also I can’t believe as a yada yada they just gave us the full story of Evil Morty. It was an interesting choice, but moving forward we now know everything we need to know, and I respect and appreciate that.

However, once Prime Rick is resolved, we have to now deal with Rick and the fact that his driving motivation of the entire series is now gone. Since it was resolved so early, we get to see the wake of Rick now lost with no motivation. Seeing Morty be the one to notice, and pull Rick back from depression and back into the swing of events was a nice change and growth for the character, as Morty more and more becomes mature and able to deal with cleaning up and caring for the characters within his family.

It makes you more and more interested to see where the show takes the characters.

Acting 9/10

A lot of people are very upset about removal of Justin Roiland from the show.

While you can argue issues with the criminal case against him not being a valid reason, due to the fact of not having his day in court, the screenshots and other activities shown by people showcasing conversations with Roiland paint a valid and clear picture as to why Adult Swim and it’s parent company “Max” wouldn’t want to engage with the artist.

That being said, the inclusion of the two new voice actors who voice Rick and Morty, voiced by Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden, do a great job preventing us from noticing a change in the characters as a whole. However, I’m sure they’re re-recording lines that were already dubbed and done by Justin Roiland, so it will take us till next season to really hear the places they take these characters and make them their own.

Overall 9/10

It’s hard to tell how much of a hand Justin Roiland had on this season, but I’m sure there was at least some involvement. There’s been talks about the fact that Roiland was more hands-off with the series in recent years, but I doubt he had no effect upon the stories. That being said Heather Anne Campbell’s fascination with food and the concept of societies are a great take that I loved to see this season.

Overall, the great episodes are amazing, and the worst episode of the season are still better than not getting any Rick and Morty at all.

Can’t wait for season 100 of Rick and Morty!

Conner’s Final Thoughts

I honestly love the further inclusion of Jerry in this season. We not only get to see him be made fun of, but his involvement in several major stories. Whether it be by being merged with Rick, being helpful in finding heaven, or just his side stories in the background, the show seems to know what to do with Jerry more these days and I’m a fan of that.

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