Conner’s Critique: What We Do In The Shadows Season 4

If you’re a huge fan of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi series What We Do In The Shadows, then you’ll be happy to know that a fourth season has been completed. The fifth and sixth season have already green lighted. We can’t wait to see where the show goes next.

Enough about the future though, let’s talk about the past, this past season specifically. As always we break down our reviews into the topics of story, acting, and overall. Let’s jump in!

Story 7/10

It’s hard to beat the final episode of last season. The heart felt secret of Laszlo’s behavior, and why he’s been so nice to Colin Robinson, mixed with his self sacrifice to help take care of “The Child Which Crawled Out Of Colin Robinson.” It was one of the few times in this series that they have hid a story running through the whole season.

This season adds a long running gag as well, but I don’t wanna spoil it, however I will say that it is for the sake of comedy this time around, and not to pull on your heart strings.

One of the most interesting things about this season though, is how much the format changes. There are three main stories that seem to run throughout this season. The first being “Three Vampires and a Baby”, the second being Nandor searching for love, and the final third story being Guillermo finally standing up for himself and coming into his own.

“The amount of love, compassion, and attention that Laszlo shows for “The Child Which Crawled Out Of Colin Robinson,” is oddly heart warming.”

The second story is simply for the purposes of creating comedy, the third story is deeply tragic, and the first story is the most important of all of them and is oddly sweet. The amount of love, compassion, and attention that Laszlo shows for “The Child Which Crawled Out Of Colin Robinson,” is oddly heart warming.

In the end, the season appears to be more about family than anything else, which is weird for a television show mocking the documentary style and focusing on vampires.

Acting 8/10

While I love Harvey Guillén who plays Guillermo, this season is all about the amazing acting skill and lengths that Matt Berry, as Laszlo, and Mark Proksch, as “The Child Which Crawled Out Of Colin Robinson,” go to this year. I also have to give credit to all the children that play the body for “The Child Which Crawled Out Of Colin Robinson.”

It’s no small feat what those children and the effects team is able to do by merging all the kid bodies with the head of Mark Proksch. It’s still unsettling though, but that’s the point.

But specifically back to Matt Berry, who we’ve loved for quite some time and I think is a comedy god. His performance this season is so layered that it’s hard to remember him in any other role, and that’s with such awesome roles as Steven Toast and Douglas Reynholm. He owns his character, and steals almost every scene that he is in.

Overall 7.5/10

At the end of the season most of the characters, specifically Nandor, are clearly back to their selfish self absorbed nature. A couple of the others, specifically Colin and Laszlo shine through as more loving, and that’s quite the change for this series. It seems like everything will eventually return to normal.. with the exception of one specific thing we don’t want to spoil.

Conner’s Final Thoughts

It feels like a major deviation this season, but last season did a much better jump injecting heart into the series slowly so it’s a good launching point to this season’s shift. I wish it would stick to this healthy balance of heart and comedy, but it feels like it’s going to return to it’s roots of style. That’s okay, but it’ll be sad if they do, because we already had two great seasons of surprising heartfelt gestures from these hilarious monsters.

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