Urbanista Unveiled Copenhagen Earbuds Prior To CES!

I got my hands on the Urbanista Copenhagen earbuds, and I’m really excited to give these a full review. Hopefully my testing them will help you decide if these bad boys will work for your lifestyle, or maybe be a viable gift for someone in your life! My methods are simple. I’m a mom, my toddler is home with me on winter break, and these earbuds have to pass the tests of being in my ears at all times (or risk being snatched and hidden in the house) and be able to handle a phone call without killing the audio of the person on the other end with all the ambient noise from my daughter, along with the usual audio quality and touch functionality testing.

My initial impression is that these are very easy to set up. Fully charged in box. No buttons to push to connect, just open the charge case, the lights flash on the case indicating it’s in pairing mode, select it from your phone’s Bluetooth menu and it connects. I also notice the sleek design, and they fit the ear well.

Sitting next to my four year old, watching Supernatural on my phone for the 100th time. The volume can go VERY loud. My volume was at half and it’s too loud for me. But even with it feeling too loud for me, I can still hear my daughter singing next to me as she plays with her toys in my lap. This can be either good or bad, depending on what you want from an earbud. Good that I can keep an ear on her, but bad if I want to have a moment of silence to myself. I would say this would not be ideal for hearing your music over a loud outdoors situation, but great for an environment where it’s generally quiet but you want to hear if someone is trying to get your attention.

After a while of wearing the earbuds, I noticed the fully plastic design looks really great, but they work their way out of my ears after a few hours of wear. Good for day to day stuff, but not great for a workout. Or if you have generally sweaty ears, like I do.

The app is simple and pretty seamless. It needs a location permission from the phone, which seems weird to me, but it claims that this is a feature on Android to help detect nearby devices. It connects to the earbuds very quickly without needing a prompt. I connected and disconnected the earbuds, as well as putting them in and out of the case. The app connected to them automatically within a fraction of a second, without me having to pair the app to the device at all, or even find the device among others from the company. Swiping through the screens, you can see the battery life of each bud, select preset modes for different types of listening, like high base, or speech focus, and you can reprogram what the long touch does for each earbud. You can set it to do nothing, activate voice assistant, or adjust the volume, and you can set them to each bud as you see fit. Honestly the customizability and the app function makes these earbuds really cool. I’m not usually impressed by apps for headphones but I really like this one.

The earbuds also feature a 32hr battery life and an IPX4 (splash resistant) rating.

For a mid-range earbud, this is pretty cool. On the bad side, the all-plastic design choice limits the usability for people who sweat a lot. They hold for a bit, but ultimately I had to adjust them several times throughout the day, to prevent them from falling out. But honestly that was the only real downside.

The form looks designer and the materials are light weight. The audio is really impressive for the price point. The real star, though, is the app. The app allows for a truly customizable experience that I haven’t seen from many other companies.

I can definitely recommend the Copenhagen as a great earbud option for people who like to look good while enjoying some on the go entertainment!

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