Watch Dr. Mike Knockout Idubbbz In Creator Clash In May!

Idubbbz has been taking some interesting choices in his Youtube career and has transformed into a voice that makes fun of and pokes fun at creators, for being a voice for creators who either can’t speak for themselves or need a light shined on them.

His recent documentary work has been engaging, and with his promise to produce more content for his followers, I don’t know if I expected him to create a boxing presentation for content creators to fight one another.

His new Creator Clash event will be held in Tampa, Florida with net profits going to the American Heart Association. This boxing match is not just a charity event, but it promises to take the spectacle and money profiteering out of the prior influencer events and place the attention back onto the actual sport of boxing. To attest to this, the competitors have professionally trained with a coach for six months.

Standing in for Ricegum in iDubbbz’s match will be YouTube’s resident physician, Doctor Mike.

The 11 other creator match-ups at Creator Clash will include Alex Ernst, Arin Hanson (GameGrumps), AB (H3Podcast producer), DAD, Graham Stephan, Harley (Epic Meal Time), Hundar (Muscle Party), I did a thing, Justaminx, Matt Watson, Michael Reeves, Odd1sout, Ryan Magee (SuperMega), and Yodeling Haley.

As the event gets closer, more participants will be announced.

The event will take place on May 14, 2022 but will also be streamed live via Moment House.

If you want to purchase tickets for the event you can do so Here! Tickets for Streaming are available for $24.99 and will be increased to $34.99 on the day of the show. Actual on site tickets will not be on sale until April 8, 2022.

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