What You Need To Know Before Aquaman 2

While Aquaman already gave some time to Black Manta in their prior film, this new film will pay more homage to Black Manta’s actual first appearance in the comic book, forcing a team up between Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa, and his half-brother Ocean Master, played by Patrick Wilson. The film is heralded as a buddy cop style film, pitting the two character’s different styles against one another, while motivating them by family, and their love of Atlantis to fend off this would be villian who would destroy everything they hold dear.

While we don’t know if Aquaman will lose his hand, and dawn his iconic hook hand from the comics, we have hopes. That being said here are some comic books we think might be helpful reading ahead of the new film coming out this week!

Aquaman #23 (1965)
With the birth of his son on the way, a disease within Aquaman’s bloodline will doom the baby, so Aquaman is forced on an adventure to discover and return with a serum before the birth of his son. However, when he does, the serum causes even more issues as it gives Aquababy strange and uncontrollable powers that threaten the very lives of those within Atlantis.
Aquaman #29 (1966)
The first appearance of Ocean Master. Although in the movies Ocean Master is the half-brother on the other side, the Atlantean side, in the comic books he is actually the half-brother on his human side. Jealousy and some brain trama forces him to adopt the persona of Ocean Master, and forces him to become Aquaman’s arch nemesis and leads him to unleash aquatic disasters against his brother. While Aquaman find issue with fighting his brother, he does work to stop the disasters he unleashes.
Aquaman #35 (1967)
The first appearance of Black Manta. When Aquaman discovers an unknown submarine in the water he approaches it only to be caught in Black Manta’s bio-magnet. Taking advantange of Aquaman’s condition, Black Manta sneaks away to poison the city of Atlantis and kidnaps Aquaman’s son. With almost nothing he can do but surrender to the villain to save his son, Ocean Master returns, wanting Aquaman for himself he saves Aquaman’s son and dispatches Black Manta, saving the day and escaping from the outcome with Black Manta’s fate a mystery.

What’s your favorite Aquaman comic book and what do you think they will showcase within the new DCEU film?

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