Celebrate The MCU’s Daredevil For Charlie Cox’s Birthday!

Charlie Cox, born Charlie Thomas Cox on December 15, 1982. He is a British-born citizen, hailing from London. Cox learned acting at the Sherborne School in Dorset. He even received the Gerald Pitman Award for his acting prowess while learning at the academy.

Here are a couple of facts about Charlie Cox in relation to Daredevil:

  • Though Cox has fallen in love with the character, he was unaware that the hero Daredevil was blind until a day before his audition for the role.
  • He had to gain 30lbs of muscle for the role of Matt Murdock.
  • The rule as a Marvel hero has led to him learning more about comics, and he has become a huge fan of the medium.
  • He is the first non-American actor to take on the role of Matt Murdock.
  • This is the Comics Round-Up though, so let’s talk about his comic book persona, Daredevil.

    Matt Murdock, and his alter-ego Daredevil, was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Bill Everett. Unlike a lot of hero’s Daredevil’s first appearance was in his own comic book, not as a special character of a different series. While the character was created in 1964, it was Frank Miller’s helm of the character in the 80s that helped increase its popularity.

    At a young age, Matt Murdock was blinded when a mystery chemical blinded him. It was this very same chemical that granted him a radar sense that allows him to make up for his loss of vision. His tragedy is made worse though when his father is murdered for refusing to throw a fight.

    Left with a lot to process Matt, an orphan, is trained by a fellow blind man, Stick, to become a skilled martial artist. However, as he gets older, he turned to a love of law and became an attorney for those in need.

    He returns home to Hell’s Kitchen and begins to target the local gangsters who were responsible for the death of his father.

    Here are a couple of influential comics to pick up if you want to learn more about the man with no fear!

    Daredevil #1 (1964)
    The first telling of Daredevil’s backstory. The comic leans heavily into the fact that it’s the same people that brought you Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four but hinting that he isn’t the traditional hero for some specific reason. However, the comic does cover all the things we mentioned above in the backstory of the hero. Written by Stan Lee and art by Bill Everett.
    The Trial of the Hulk (1989)
    While not a comic book, this film by Bill Bixby stars Rex Smith as the character in the first live adaptation of the character in what was supposed to be a backdoor pilot into creating a series based on the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. In the story The Hulk and Daredevil team up to take out the Kingpin after Matt Murdock learns of David Banner (yeah for some reason his name was David instead of Bruce in the old TV show and movies) run in with Fisk’s goons. This movie also starts the first cameo of Stan Lee, as the foreperson of the jury in a dream sequence.
    Daredevil: Parts of a Hole (2015)
    The collection of issues 9 through 15 and tells the tale of Maya Lopez. Also known as Echo. In the story, Echo is looking for the man who killed her father, and Kingpin says that it is Daredevil. Now Murdock must clear his name before the women he has fallen for attempts to slay his alter ego. This is supposedly the story that Marvel is co-opting for Hawkeye, and potentially will continue into her own series on Disney+. Writen by David Mack with art from Joe Quesada.

    What other Daredevil comics and formats are you a fan of, and what project coming out in the MCU do you think Charlie Cox would be perfect for?>/strong>

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