Celebrate Dunce Day With Our Jughead Comic Suggestions

November 8, 1308 marks the death of Duns Scotus of Duns, Scotland. While you may not know why this is important, Duns was a medival scholar who honestly believed that a cone-shaped hat helped funnel knowledge into the person better, and would help them learn and study sciences and the world. This over time would be used on children that were being dumb in schooling, and then the term Dunce Hat was then transfered from a device that helps people be smarter, to a punshiment to showcase the stupidity of it’s user as they are removed from the majority of their class to sit in the corner.

One such believed dunce in comics is so clearly Jughead. Jughead is a much loved, but not a very smart figure within the Archie comics. With this day in mind, we are sharing our favorite stories including the loveable figure.

Pep Comics #22 (1941)
The first appearance of Archie and the gang. Including Jughead! While trying to impress Betty, he damages her father’s stuff and needs to work for Betty. The journey and world, including the friends of the characters were so interesting that Archie was given his own comic books, and even Jughead received it’s own comic to boot!
Archie’s Pal Jughead #1 (1949)
This is the first of Jughead’s solo comic books. These series loved to tell multiple short stories. One of the more prevelent stories is about Jughead’s uncle has developed a secret syrum that he plans to sell to the government, but before he can, Jughead takes it due to the teasing of Reggie. This really showcases the style of Jughead and his lackadaisical mentality.
Jughead #346 (1986)
Still holding several stories in the comic book, one such story is “The Commercial,” where Jughead takes advantage of continuity and snagging an entire new hamburger every time he messes up his take. This really showcases Jugheads constant love and need for copeous amounts of food!

What’s your favorite Jughead comic book?

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