Celebrate The Birthday Of Zackary Quinto, Heroes’ Sylar

Happy Birthday to superhero TV shows greatest serial killer, Zackary Quinto. Born on June 2, 1977, Zackary grew up in Pennsylvania. He, unfortunately, lost his father at the young age of 7 and was raised by his mother.

During High School, he fell in love with musicals and went on to attend Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama.

He played many guest star roles in series until he was cast as the serial killer Sylar in 2006 for Tim Kring’s superhero series Heroes on NBC. Quinto’s career skyrocketed after Heroes, with role after role and fans throughout the world. One of the most popular roles he has had recently was taking over the role of Spock in the new Star Trek movies.

The series started off with a powerful storyline an eclipse and the appearances of powers throughout the world. As an assemble cast show, the series pivoted between several characters as they dealt with the development of powers, and with a story connecting them all where a nuclear blast would destroy New York.

The series was well-loved and was the highest-rated drama for NBC at the time. However, tragedy struck the series halfway through their second season. When the writer’s strike occurred, the season was cut short to only 11 episodes and required a complete re-work to turn the back half of the season into a complete third season. Season two and three were viewed as deviations from what drove the viewers into the series, and the creators promised a return to form for the fourth season.

Things seemed to be on track, but then Jeph Loeb was removed from the production staff, either at the behest of Tim Kring or NBC. This removal though caused Kring to change the show direction and focus on character-driven stories.

The fourth season’s dark carnival-themed style was unfortunately not more loved than the prior two seasons and the ratings dropped again. NBC then decided to cancel the series.

The series did return in 2015 for a continuation of the universe with Heroes Reborn. While the series did focus on a new cast of characters, some of the old characters made appearances to show the connection to the series. Unfortunately, the series however did not do well enough to allow it a second season.

Zackary Quinto, unfortunately, did not make an appearance in the series, as he was a very interesting character throughout the four seasons of the original show. Sylar was a broken man, raised by an overbearing mother, and lied to about his lineage, he questions a lot about himself, and even sometimes appears to be saveable throughout the series. Showcasing a future timeline where he is a father and friends with the heroes of the series or a member of the secret paper company.

That being said, this is the comics round-up, so let’s talk about the NBC Graphic Novels released during the show to supplement the story. For a time they were viewable for free on NBC’s website, but have since been removed. If you want to read them now you have to pick up the physical copies here in Volume 1 and Volume 2. Here are some of the stories focused on Sylar.

Chapter 10 – Turning Point
A short story of Sylar and his desire to keep an eye on the police hunting him, and how he keeps a step ahead of them.
By Christopher Zatta with art by Micah Gunnell and Marcus To.
Chapter 20 – Road Kill
After accomplishing his acquisition of the Cheerleader’s ability, Sylar now tries to find his way out of Texas, and on to new potential victims.
By Joe Pokaski with art from Jason Badower.
Chapter 110 – Viewpoints
After being told that his real family is the Petrelli(s), Skylar begins working for the company. However, he is forced to go on a mission alone when none of the agents will work with him due to his history.
By Chuck Kim with art by Alitha Martinez.

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