The Defiant Launch Party At SDCC 2023!

At San Diego Comic-Con Legion M threw a launch party to celebrate their recent Kickstarter for the Graphic Novel dedicated to Robert Smalls. This Kickstarter would go on to raise over $150,000 on its original budget of $10,000!

In all honesty, we are one of the backers.

You can see our prior article talking more about the project and story Here.

The party places the people behind the project in direct access to Legion M members who wanted to meet, talk about the project, or just celebrate the awesome nature of having access to Hollywood like projects and future movies, as is promised by Legion M’s mission statement.

While there was plenty of space for the creators to hide in the VIP section, all of the creative crew, writer, Rob Edward’s, Cover Artist, Nikolas Draper-Ivey, Artist, Ray-Anthony Height, Editor, Chris Robinson, and Producer Marvin Jones III, were all mingling with the crowd and showing off their love for Legion M and this project!

We can’t wait to take a deeper look at the graphic novel once it’s available to the public!

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