Live with vision issues thanks to Envision Glasses

Envision has helped over 200,000 people with their vision all around the world. Now Envision is trying to reach more with their three newest models. The first is the Read is taking its mission to help with perceiving text and information around. The second, the Home edition is designed to help with everyday life, and the professional edition is designed to incorporate both sets’ features.

Not growing up with any vision concerns, outside of stigmatism, I feel sometimes like there would be a lot of obstacles to living the life I live at its same level if I could not see to my current ability. With that in mind, I know that the additional features of the Envision system are bridging those differences.

Read Edition

The Read Edition of the Envision Glasses features the ability to read text, scan text, and scan multiple batches of text.

Retail price $1,899.

Home Edition

The Home Edition features the ability to teach the glasses a face, describe scenes, find people in the foreground, find objects, call for help, and detect things like money bill types, colors, and if lights are on.

Retail price $2,499.

Professional Edition

The highest form is the Professional Edition, which features all the features of both the Read and Home edition.

Retail price $3,499.

Of all of the features, the Home Edition and Professional would be the two that I would appreciate the most and can help you be able to engage in the world without the aid of an assistant.

If you would like to pick up your own, you can do so on their direct shop Here.

It’s important to note that the Home and Read versions of the glasses are designed to work with a monthly application that provides support and updates, but the Professional edition includes a free lifetime membership.

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