EVERCADE Announces Morphcat Games Collection 1

We’ve covered the Evercade handheld console quite a bit, (you can see our first article on it Here), and while the console is out and available for purchase, they are still living up to their promise to release more and more cartridges for their owners.

The newest cartridge is a partnership with Morphcat Games, a German based 8-Bit development team that is well known for their mutiplayer game Micro Mages!

Games Included in this pack are:

    Micro Mages, Micro Mages Second Quest, Spacegulls, Böbl, and Super Bat Puncher Demo!

If you want more information on this product and more, you can head over to Evercade’s Website and enter your email address, to be alerted when more news drops about this handheld console.

This cartridge is available for preorder on March 31st, 2022, but wont be released until May 31st, 2022.

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