Support New Med Tech Like Fluo Labs By Investing On StartEngine

We shared our excitement of Fluo Labs‘ amazing technological light based treatment device, (See our prior article Here), but now we have more information about the device and the company behind it!

Before we delve, a quick reminder. The Flō uses light to manage hay fever symptoms or Allergic Rhinitis. Symptoms like sneezing, congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, watery eyes, headaches, and fatigue. Using light, the Flō fights allergens in the nostril, since it inhibits the release of histamines and reducing inflammation. When measured by Total Nasal Symptom Score, the gold standard of allergy tests, Flō tested superior to traditional antihistamines medications. The treatment takes only 20 seconds and is easy to use!

Now they have launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine with the hope of raising $3.8 million so they can bring their product to the world. Allowing investors to join in their family for only $250 minimum, you can invest in this new technology company. If you like medical tech, or simply want to support a new medicine-free alternative to fight hay fever, then this might be a great company to invest in!

Support the campaign and help bring this product to life Here!

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