Ahead Of Christmas Comedy Release Ricky Gervais Donates $2.4 Million

Ricky Gervais has a comedy/stand-up special coming to Netflix on Christmas Day. The show, Armageddon has been on a world tour all year long, and part of the prior year, and has raised record-breaking ticket sales. As part of his plans, money raised on Platinum Tickets generated extra profit, and those profits raised a total of $2.4 million.

For those wondering what Platinum Ticket are, Platinum Tickets are seats that guaranteed premium seats at market rates as a direct result of people buying out tickets to increase their sales amounts.

The $2.4 million profits were split evenly across donations to eleven worldwide animal charities including:

  • All Dogs Matter
  • Animal SOS Sri Lanka
  • Catastrophes Cat Rescue
  • Chaldon Animal Sanctuary
  • Dogs On The Streets
  • Millions of Friends
  • Helping Rhinos
  • Wild Futures
  • Paws2Rescue
  • Mira Dogs
  • PDSA
  • With some comics in recent days polarizing their audience with their special, Ricky Gervais, who normally upsets people at all times, instead is creating some amazingly goodwill. If you want to support Gervais, and his new special, check out Armageddon streaming on Netflix on Christmas Day.

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