iFi Brings High Quality Audio With DACs For All

We’ve said in the past that life is too short to listen to bad quality music. While some people may claim to not hear the difference, people with ears can tell the quality of the vinyl, cd, cassette tape, high compression audio files, or low-quality data audio. That being said though even if you have the best audio files in the world, a failure in the system delivering it can be the bottleneck for quality.

For home theater systems a powerful amp with a DAC, (Digital Audio Converter), is a must if you want to get the most out of your equipment and your content.

Nowadays, however, we don’t get our audio playing through the speakers of our high-end receivers, and we get them from our phones, laptops, and simplified devices. While cellphones are amazing technological items that can do a lot, no one has ever considered them to be high quality when it comes to producing sound and presenting music.

So how do you bring high-fidelity sound to the audio enthusiast in your life? DAC on the go!

Go Link

An entry level DAC dongle which connects from USB-C to corded headphones. This adapter uses silver-plated copper conductors, individual polymer insulation, twisted wire configuration to reduce noise, iFi’s dedicated clock circuitry, and the ES9219MQ/Qa high-performance DAC chip from ESS Sabre to really bring the whole experience home to it’s users. As a result of it’s design, the Go Link delivers ultra-low distortion, excellent clarity, and impressive dynamic range.

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Go Pod

Cut all cords with the Go Pod. A set of bluetooth headphones with a built in amp and DAC. On top of its ergonomically design, the set of buds uses Qualcomm’s 24-bit aptX adaptive format to be able to give sample rates up to 96kHZ/24bits while also producing True Wireless Stereo. Another important feature of all wireless earbuds is 7-hours of battery life, QI wireless charging, and a fast charging case that offers up to 35 hours of use!

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Go Bar

An upgrade from the Link, the GO Bar doesn’t sacrifice portability, while also producing high-fidelity audio through USB port. The device uses a compact alloy for durability, while also hosting physical buttons to adjust volume and controls to activate XBass+ and XSpace with the LED Light indicating the settings active, and the sample rate in use.

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A new affordable device that allows higher quality audio connecting your computer to a 3.5mm headphone jack or RCA for speakers. The device includes an adjustment knob in the front of the device and three EQ mode buttons on the top of the device. You can switch between Music mode, designed to enhances music tracks, Movie Mode, which boosts dialogue and increases clarity, and Game Mode, which focuses on subtle sound effects which will help give you the edge in online multiplayer.

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Still compact enough for your desk, but designed for hi-res audio, this tabletop DAC connects through USB and outputs to headphones or speakers with a 4.4mm jack or RCA connections. Users can enjoy lower frequencies with ideal mid-ranges thanks to the boost bass of TrueBass.

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So if you are looking for some amazing tech this Christmas, and beyond, then pick up one of these awesome devices from iFi!

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