Knotts Gives Huff And Puff An Epic Farewell!

With the current change to Camp Snoopy, this weekend marks the last chance to check out Huff and Puff, the classic Camp Snoopy ride before it’s gone forever. The experience is of course the result of the remodel and rebuild of the Camp Snoopy experience for all familes. You can actually check out our prior article about that Here.

As we’ve previously talked about the experience is going to be bringing Merit badges for people to earn throughout the experience, and with the conclusion of the classic ride, fans of the experience can head to the park this Sunday and earn the very first badge Huff and Puff. Only on Sundaym and only while supplies last can people earn the badge for riding the Huff and Puff ride that originally opened in 1983 when Camp Snoopy originally debuted!

Following months will bring more options for ways for campers to earn limited-edition merit badges, so make sure to keep your eyes focused so you don’t miss out on other unique badges as the year continues.

With all the new plans for Camp Snoopy, the best way to be able to get the most of all of the experiences is by purchasing a Season Pass Here. Doing so allows you to get the most value for your ticket price and allows people to come back all year long and experience all the options available for Camp Snoopy throughout the year.

Regardless of what sparks your attention, purchase you tickets to the park Here! See you at the Camp!

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