We Chat With Chris DeMoulin About LACC’s Shift To December Again In 2022

You can see our prior article talking about the launch of the pre-sale of early bird tickets for the convention Here. We are excited to see the convention return for a later December convention, like it did during the rescheduled convention last year.

To see if this change is still temporary, or if it’s going to be a permanent change, we sat down once again with Chris DeMoulin.

Eric Bryan Seuthe II: Hey Chris! Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us.

    Chris DeMoulin: Always a pleasure, Eric!

Eric: I know Los Angeles Comic-Con has moved to December, is this going to be a permanent change for the convention?

    Chris: “Permanent” is such a permanent word, because as you know Fan conventions can only confirm booking dates about a year in advance, vs. B2B conventions (which bring in more non-LA visitors who stay in hotels) which get more advanced booking windows. That said, the fans seemed to like this date in 2021, we’re here in 2022, and it looks likely to be the same date/weekend in 2023. So semi-permanent?

Eric: What guests or plans for the convention can you share with us so far?

    Chris: Gosh, as we announced today, our tickets go on-sale Thursday, and our announcements are embargoed until then. Sorry! I can guarantee you that Thursday’s guest announcements bring in some new faces and some old friends, and they’re just the tip of the “L.A. Comic Con 2022 Guests” iceberg.

Eric: Thanks again!

    Chris: No, thank you for your interest – you provide an invaluable service to all the fans!

Tickets are now available to purchase, and you can get yours Here, but get them quick as they will go fast!

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