Gaming Expands Even Bigger For Comic Con LA 2023!

2022’s Los Angeles Comic Con was their most successful, escaping on the otherside of COVID stronger then ever. Their attendance in 2022 included over 126,000 fans. With numbers like that, it’s only reasonable to plan for even more for 2023!

Withe the news that E3 is cancelled once again, the question is raised if we ever will have a true gaming convention ever again. Not solely with that in mind, but definitely not inspite of that, the 2023’s Los Angeles Comic Con plans to exceed where they did last year. Turning to once again expand the Gaming & Anime Hall from 147,000 square feet to an astounding 200,000 square feet! This is on top of their expansion from last year, find out article covering that Here.

This expanded space will still boast the most gaming-related content with the inclusion of the West Hall Gaming stage which will dedicate fans abilities to connect with creators, influencers, and voice-over actors.

Last years Los Angeles Comic Con’s dedicated gaming hall hosted over 200 exhibitors, 85,000 attendees and plenty of attention to interactive experiences in the hall. We personally were able to meet up with people from Smosh, The Warp Zone, and even one of our favorite streamers/actor Dayeanne Hutton.

We got the chance to connect once again to the CEO in charge of Los Angeles Comic Con, Chris DeMoulin.

Eric Bryan Seuthe II: We can’t wait until Los Angeles Comic Con this year! It’s still a long way away, but we have some of our first news for the event. The gaming space is once again expanding! How did the gaming space fair last year?

    Chris DeMoulin: The fans seemed really happy with it – over 85,000 fans spent time in the Gaming & Anime hall, and in post-show surveys 87% gave it a 3-star+ rating. The exhibitors also seemed pleased – almost 60% have already re-booked for the 2023 show. So we’re looking to bring in more game creators, talent and content, and continue to expand the activations and experiences.

Eric: Last year you partnered with Subantion Media, and had an amazing Gaming Stage, Streaming Studio, Freeplay, Tournaments, and event a really cool indie gaming demo space, are all of those returning for this coming year?

    Chris: Right now the plan is to return all of those fan elements. We’re working with some former DreamHack execs and we think the content, guests and talent will be terrific.

Eric: I know it’s still early, but any word if Tiltify will return as a partner this year?

    Chris: They had a great experience with us the last 2 years, and we are talking to them about being involved in 2023 as well. But nothing formal to announce yet.

Eric: Last year you had a League of Legends tournament, are there any whispers of any other tournaments for the convention in December?

    Chris: Whispers, of course! We are talking to 3-4 different game IP owners about tournaments for 2023.

Eric: Last year there were so many places for video game fans to connect with creators, other players, and more, but the floor space for Anime was unfortunately smaller than we had hoped. With the increase in space for the new year, will there be more space dedicated for Anime as well, and what plans can we look forward to for our anime friends?

    Chris: Our Anime partnerships are growing as fast as our Gaming ones! We will be expanding to all the space in the West Hall, plus the plazas outside, so we expect the Gaming content AND the Anime content to expand. As part of that, we’re already working to sign more Anime creators and talent as guests than we had in 2022, and to create a dedicated space for Anime talent to “meet & greet” with fans.

Eric: One of my favorite things from Los Angeles Comic Con was it’s partnership with Ardbeg for their themed experience hidden off the backside of the West Hall. Is the convention hoping to have more experiences and activations like that in the future?

    Chris: Absolutely! We loved the Ardbeg experience, and we welcome more “non-endemic” brands who want to create unique activations for their products or services to contact us. With 1,200,000 SqFt of space – we can do a lot of cool brand activations for our 130,000+ fans!

Eric: Thanks again Chris!

The West Hall of Los Angeles Comic Con requires no additional ticket, outside the normal badge. Tickets aren’t for sale yet, but the event runs from December 1, 2023 through December 3, 2023. Find out more Here.

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