Liquid Death Brings A Third Hate Music Record To The World

Liquid Death Mountain Water has partnered with people like Tony Hawk, Jason Ellis, Chris Cole, Frank Iero, Toby Morse, Jen Razavi, Shapel Lacey, Aaron Thompson, Tony Kanal, Tony Hajjar, Kayleigh Goldsworthy, and Mark McGrath to once again turn their hate mail into something for the whole world to enjoy!

Together they have made their second album under the title Greatest Hates Volume II! Here are some of the tracks:

  • Worst Name For A Water Company
  • F**k Whoever Started This
  • You Deserve Your Mouth P*ssed In
  • Disappointed & Dissatisfied
  • It’s Dumb And I Won’t Buy It
  • I’d Rather Die
  • There’s Not Even Alcohol In It
  • This Is Very Demonic
  • Go F**k Yourself
  • Rather Cut My Own D**k Off
  • Pre-order the 12-In vinyl Here for the new album, or you can listen to the first album Here On Spotify, the second album Here On Spotify, and the new third album Here on Spotify.

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