Liquid Death Wants You To Send Your Soda Bottles Back

Liquid Death has had enough with big soda selling tons of plastic, and they want to help you give back to those companies!

Coco-Cola sells around 1.8 billion plastic bottles a day. Such few of those bottles will ever be recycled due to consumer use and the cost to actually recycle plastic. Liquid Death has made it quite clear that they push the aluminum can for the purposes of preventing the pollution of our waters.

They are putting their mouth where their money is. Now if you purchase a case of Liquid Death off their site, you can use the code RETURNTOSENDER to get a 10-pack of pre-paid postage labels to go on your used bottle of soda. These labels will allow you to place the bottle in the mail, no bag or box required, and they will be sent to the soda giant’s headquarters. If you’ve ever mailed a coconut from Hawaii, you know that this is not uncommon to ship self-contained items. Hell, you can even mail a potato.

To find out more about this program, or get your own case of Liquid Death, head Here, and remember DEATH TO PLASTIC!

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