Liquid Death Brings A Witch To The Super Bowl

Normally Eric talks to the people at Liquid Death Mountain Water, but their recent plans fell more in my wheelhouse.

The Super Bowl is a game that is watched all over the country, and even in some foreign places as well! It’s a game of skill and can have amazing twists and last-minute hail marys that can change the entire outcome even in the last 10 seconds!

For those of the gambling interests, the Super Bowl is a great opportunity to lose the house, or make it big.

Now Liquid Death is getting in on the fun, as the first brand to place a legal bet on the Super Bowl. Their bet will be for $50,000 and will be placed at the Caesars Sportsbook in Las Vegas.

What is their bet, a specific team? No, they are just betting on the current unknown and yet-to-be-announced underdogs. A very risky move. Liquid Death chose to bet on the underdog because they find themselves to be the ultimate underdog in the bev industry. However, if they win their bet then 50% of the winnings will be donated to help kill plastic pollution.

To help them with their bet, Liquid Death is going to cheat. How are they cheating? In the most Liquid Death way possible! They are sending a professional witch to Super Bowl LVI! That’s right, they are hedging their bet via witchcraft and spells! The witch has been practicing for 42 years!

I got the chance to talk to the witch that Liquid Death is working with for their goal, here is our interview!

Monica Scott: If you feel comfortable answering, what type of practice do you have? Are you secular, wiccan, etc?

REDACTED Witch: I keep my witchcraft separate from my spirituality. That being said, I work with old Gods in my spiritual system, however, my structure of witchcraft is based in action. I do not see any work as being good or bad, black or white. It’s just “the work”. I utilize the elements and planets in conjunction with the work at hand to cause change on the physical plane via the astral.

Monica:: What got you into witchcraft?

REDACTED Witch: I got into witchcraft at an early age to find ways to bend things that I want to my will. From there, I started learning the various systems of witchcraft as well as low and high Magick.

Monica:: Regarding the Superbowl, how do you plan to tackle (pun intended) this massive magical endeavor?

REDACTED Witch: I plan to look at this from an analytical perspective, from the outside. I will utilize planetary Magick to give the underdog a leg up on the game.

Monica:: Do you anticipate having to fight off the multiple chaotic energies from fans that will be influencing each team? How?

REDACTED Witch: The fans will have no barring on the work that I do.

Monica: Why did you agree to do this? To see if it’s possible? For fun? Etc.

REDACTED Witch: I agreed to do this because it’s what I do.

The answers were curt and quick to the point, this witch is clearly laser-focused on their task, and I’d be careful at picking your bet for this Superbowl!

Don’t forget to pick up your own Liquid Death water at their website, Amazon, or at a myriad of stores like 7-Eleven.

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