We Were Ruined By The Amazing Lost Spirits Dining Experience

We returned to Las Vegas for the purposes of attending CES but while in Vegas we couldn’t help it stop by our favorite destination in the city of Sin.

You can even see more of our prior visits to Lost Spirits Here, and Here. For those who do not know, Lost Spirits Distillery is an interactive experience that takes you on an adventure, but will also allow you to sample some of their amazing liquids that they distill right on site.

On top of the amazing ambiance, stunning magic, sideshow attractions, the delicious tasting samples, guests can purchase additional cocktails, upgrade for preferred seating, or even snag the most coveted dining experience that will leave you breathless.

The Dining experience is very limited, so if you want to be able to enjoy it you need to schedule it well in advance of your trip out to the location. While on Thursdays through Saturday the dining arrangements are available during two settings, you can purchase out the whole room of 14 seats. We prefer the smaller collections of guests, because then you’re exploring the dining experience with strangers. You’ll be friends before the night is done.

The dining experience is themed around the book 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and showcases 16-courses and enough alcohol in the cocktails and food to Leave you highly inebriated. We highly recommend that you Uber in and out from this event. The food is paired with music and ambience as everyone involved has gone to painstaking levels to turn this meal into a once in a lifetime experience.

The whole meal is created and prepared by Chef Taylor Persh (who has worked at Bazaar, Andrés, Bestia, Trois Mec, and Fish or Flesh Restaurant LA) and her amazingly talented staff. While the dining experience is themed as a chapter by chapter journey, they regularly shift meals out, and it’s definitely a unique experience!

There will definitely be things in this meal that you will hesitate to eat, but that’s not the assignment here. This is a meal where you relinquish all control to the Chef and enjoy the weird but flavorful and unique experience. You will not be disappointed. In a place like Vegas, you have a lot of amazing dining experiences, so when I say that this is the best, I am not speaking lightly.

Pick up your own tickets to the experience Here and make sure to try the dining experience!

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