Legendary Comics Brings Lupina To Print

James F. Wright, Eisner Award-nominated writer, has partnered with Li Buszka to created new title, Lupina, to join Legendary Comics’ new YA slate. One of the five starting graphic novels created by Legendary Comics for those in the for the young adult space.

Lupina will be broken down into two volumes and will tell the story of a young girl as she seeks revenge for the loss of her family with the help of her wolf companion. Her idyllic childhood inside the town of Kote within the Addalian Empire is cut to an end and she find herself alone until she is found by a wolf, Coras. With Coras’ help, Lupina find herself and vengeance.

Make sure to pick up the first volume of the print when it releases on September 14, 2021 at your local comic book stores, find out where Here.

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