Beauty Of Maui 2022 – Surfing Goat Farm

Sometimes it can be a little hard to find something fun to do with your family in places like Maui. For us, having such a young child, can make things a little bit difficult to include them in the planning. Places like the Surfing Goat offer a unique opportunity for even your youngest child though.

If you head to Surfing Goat in the Kula region of Maui you’re able to not only buy goat cheese to sample and taste, and boy do they have a lot of different flavors, but also take tours of the facility at reasonable prices.

The cheapest option is a tour for only $7 and includes a simple walk around the facility, and the ability to field their goats with hay. The tour even gives a little bit more background about what the farm does and how it produces its cheese. They do have more in depth tours that actually take you through the milking facilities and more. They even have a much more expensive tour that allows you to actually milk a goat!

It’s a small roadtrip to make it out to this region of the island, but the goats are friendly, the cheese is delicious, and the memories you’ll make with your family will be well worth a few minutes in the car.

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