Maya And The Three Vinyl Soundtrack Pre-Order Is Live!

Are you a fan of Jorge R. Gutiérrez’s exciting Mesoamerican-inspired adventure Maya and the Three? Well, if you did, then it’s likely that it was due to its amazing animation and incredible score, on top of the story of course. If you did love the music with orchestra choreographer Tim Davies and composer Gustavo Santaolalla, then now is your chance to take home the soundtrack in Vinyl form.

This soundtrack is priced at $42.99 and includes two LPs with a side on each filled with 31 tracks.

Music on Side A

  • Maya’s Theme
  • The Tecas Ride
  • Maya Begins
  • Vaiven
  • Rooster Skull Puma
  • Teca Attacks
  • Bolom Chon
  • Mentira
  • Music on Side B

  • Luna Y Selva
  • Rico the Rooster Wizard
  • Chimi’s Theme
  • Chimi the Skull Archer
  • Cabrakan and Cipacti
  • Hura Can
  • Picchu’s Theme
  • Disc Two
  • Music on Side C

  • Picchu the Puma Warrior
  • Huapangoso
  • Ah Puch the Mysterious Goddess
  • Zatz the Prince of Bats
  • Madres
  • Lord Mictlan and Acat
  • Strong Medicine
  • The Three Fight
  • The Divine Gate
  • Music on Side D

  • Esqueletos
  • Micte’s Flashback
  • The Greatest Wizard
  • Ouroboros, the Final Fight
  • The Moon and the Sun
  • El Raspon
  • Ronroco
  • Pre-order your own copy of the Maya and the Three Vinyl Soundtrack Here and expect delivery in Q3 of 2024!

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