If You Are Still Looking For Mother’s Day Gifts We Have Suggestions

Mothers. Without them we would all be heathens running around uneducated, and unable to express our emotions, or sooth our pains. Your mother has been there for you when you were sick, by your side when you heart was broken, and least of all, the reason you are even alive!

With mothers day coming up, we thought hard about all the things we saw this year that would make good gifts for the mother in your life, and we’ve broke it down to two items that we have checked out, that definitely would make their day.

Wave from Embr Labs

For $299.99 Embr Labs sells one of the most impressive, yet small devices that you could ever imagine.

Does the person you love constantly feel cold, do they have problems self regulating their body temperature, are they suffering from hot flashes?

Then the Embr Labs Wave is the solution for the mother in your life. This awesome gadget adjusts your body temperature all from the ease of your wrist. Results can take effect in mere seconds!

Monica even took the chance during CES to interview co-founder Sam Shames find out what they talked about HereHere.

Zenbuds from Amazfit

For $149.99 Amazfit offers a great product called the Zenbuds, and trust me, they are aptly named.

These bad boys will monitor your heart rate, play soothing music to help you get to sleep, block out the outside noise, track sleep movements, and feel like you have nothing at all in your ears.

So tell your mother how much you love her, by removing your father’s horrible snoring from her life!

Monica broke down the Zenbuds a bit, when talking about Amazfit’s CES press conference, you can check that out Here.

Find out more about the product from their creators, Amazfit, Here!

Keep in mind, if these things are outside of your price range because of the things that has been going on in the recent months, don’t fret. Mom will still love you if you can’t afford to purchase either of these items, instead spend some time doing something nice for your mother. Clean the house, make her dinner, or generally find a personal way to show her on Mother’s day how important she is to you.

Thenk make sure to keep doing it, because she deserves it.

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