Movies and Videos On Demand For The Week Of March 24, 2023

A Good Person – Releasing in Theaters
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – (None Available Yet)

While on the surface, Allison, played by Florence Pugh, appears to be a person with a wonderful future, it’s all gone in a second when the reality of her addiction and grief causes her manicured fictional life to collapse. Absolution comes in a strange way though as her would-be father-in-law, played by Morgan Freeman, helps her put herself back together and work toward a new life.

This movie is written and directed by Zach Braff. If you like his style of films, then this film will likely be added to our list as it relys heavily on drama and the overcoming of tragedy.

John Wick: Chapter 4 – Releasing in Theaters
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – (None Available Yet)

Left for dead, completely on his own, and with nothing to lose. John Wick takes on the entire High Table and system that he has been a part of for the chance to survive and finally put an end to his running.

If you are a fan of the first three, which who isn’t, then you will definitely be watching this one.

Last Sentinel – Releasing in Theaters and Streaming
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – (None Available Yet)

A skeleton crew of soldiers have been waiting for aid to either pick them up, or for their enemy to come that they are to defend from. Three months after their tour is up, they still wait stranded at sea on an abandoned military outpost. However things take a turn when a mysterious boat arrives.

If you like Science Fiction, and are interested in war time stories, then this is a good combination of both.

The Lost King – Releasing in Theaters
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – 68%

Based on a true story, amateur historian Philippa Langley, played by Sally Hawkins, as she stumbles upon what she believes to be the burial site of King Richard III. To prove herself right she has to take on some of the most eminent historians in her country, and help them rethink the legacy of the oftenly viewed most controversial ruler of England.

The discovery of King Richard III’s body was very interesting news, but did you know all that went on in the background. This film gives an interesting take on the ordeal to discover the king.

Smoking Causes Coughing – Releasing in Theaters and Streaming
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – 100%

A team of adult super heroes work together to fight evil enemies in usually a disgusting and violent manner. The Tobacco Force are ordered by their rat boss to take a vacation together to help bond and become a better team of fighters.

Set to the world of Sentai, with super heros, monsters battles against evil, and satire to a high level. If you thought the Don Cheadle Captain Planet video was wild, this takes it to a whole different level.

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