Mythic Quest Gives Bonuses To Their Fans!

With a direct tie into the series, in light of the recent bonus discussion, Mythic Quest leader David and his assistant Jo has asked their followers on instagram to share their highs and lows of 2022, while they are deciding the bonus amounts for the year.

Followers shared some amazing and interesting stories from their year, it’s definitely worth checking out! It starts off as a nice way for fans to connect with the company (show) but thanks to David’s mistake, leads to all of the bonuses for the Mythic Quest staff going to fans, not employees!

With fans getting personalized video chats with David and Jo, and $1,000 it quickly bleed dry the bonus fund and now there is no more left for the actual employees of Mythic Quest. Well if you want to know if you should still dive into the series, you can check out our latest review of the new season Here!

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