Nerd Business Spotlight: Master Monk Gaming

Master Monk Gaming was created and founded by Teejay and Max Gatsche. A father and son woodworking duo. They wanted to start a woodworking business, but then found purpose in creating heirloom quality gaming gear for tabletop fans.

But it wasn’t just enough for them to make masterfully crafted beautiful equipment for roleplayers, they also wanted to keep it at a fair price for the quality, and create pieces that starts a discussion and leaves a lasting impression. One of their slogans, “Elevate Your Gaming”.

In the past they have created one-of-a-kind projects, usually making wooden board games, wooden cut outs, and glasses for events.

However, Master Monk Gaming also designs and builds dice boxes, dice trays, and wooden pens for all your gaming needs. Specifically they just had a preorder and Kickstarter for their Nomad’s Magnetic Dice Tower.

Their Kickstarter, which just ended, for the Nomad’s Magnetic Dice Tower, that condensed into a cool box, had so many optional features, and style choices, that it’s hard to believe any would be identical.

They finished their Kickstarter, as is no surprise, at over 3 times their funding goal.

Even after the Kickstarter though, you can still preorder the Nomad’s Magnetic Dice Tower via CrowdOx (which will be accessible through their Kickstarter). CrowdOx will be up through the end of May. So don’t dally.

What is the main reason that Master Monk Gaming is being brought up for our Nerd Small Business Spotlight, has to do not only with how amazing their gear is or their Kickstarter, but what they also do…

What started off as a small, father and son business, became a collective of amazing, talented and passionate people. A collective of skilled woodworkers who are passionate, and want to learn, or increase their skills.

The people within the collective is not just co-workers, but they consider them all friends who love to craft, but also love to game, and share their passions with others.

Another amazing thing that Master Monk Gaming is doing, that gets them the attention of our site, is their current plans for a sustainability project with the Girl Scouts in Los Angeles. They are working together with the intent to fund and coordinate a reforestation effort with the kids for Earth Day 2020.

They themselves were directly effected by the fires and rains. Their original grid site was deemed unfit by the State.

Visit their website HERE!

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