Nerd Taste of Hawaii – Return to Ocean Vodka Distillery 2021

We love Hawaii, and Maui. We missed our annual Comic-Con cool-down Hawaii trip last year, and while we didn’t get the chance to power through the convention this year, we still think we deserved a vacation with the year we’ve had. Don’t we all?

So we returned to the beautiful tropical island, and as such, we want to showcase the wonderful things to do here that might be a little off the beaten path, or deserve a shout-out. Just remember though, while Hawaii relies heavily on tourism, they have been hit hard by the pandemic and you need to take that in mind when visiting the locations. So when you stop by remember to be respectful, and understanding if things are busy, or take longer due to the influx of people who are there now due to the doors of tourism re-opening.

A couple of years ago we stopped by the Ocean Vodka Distillery, see the article Here, but in all fairness, it wasn’t the first time we had, as we regularly visit the site when we travel to Maui. We regularly head there for their Coconut Toasted Kula Rum, and its an amazing flavor. We like to visit it on our first full day so that we can make sure to stock up with booze for our whole trip!

Nothing says Aloha to vacation, then an amazing and refreshing cocktail with their alcohol! They’ve mastered this because of their unique combination of sugar cane grown in the Kula region of Maui, and deep ocean mineral water from the Kona coast. Thanks to these factors, Ocean Vodka is able to produce not only an amazing and organic product but with a level of quality that you rarely get from a brand of alcohol.

When you arrive, you can purchase tickets for the tour at a little under $15, which can now be reserved online Here. I also highly recommend that you reserve in advance because they are selling out of tour tickets due to the fact that social distancing has limited their tours to ten people.

On top of the tasting, and the tour, you can see their collection of over 30 species of Polynesian sugar cane which they manage and play with to create their delicious and unique alcohol.

If you do take the tour I would recommend that upgrade your tour for only $10 so you can sample the BRUM, which is an exclusive product that is a 24-month bourbon barrel-aged blended rum.

While a lot of businesses were negatively impacted by the pandemic, Ocean Vodka Distillery was lucky enough to have just made progress on getting their delicious rum in Bevmo(s) all over the USA, and therefore while their tour and onsite location would suffer, they were able to cater to a larger customer base, and recoup any potential losses. Additionally, they took the downtime to upgrade their facility to add food to their beautiful tour site.

If you do stop by, why not trek a little further up the street to check out Surfing Goat!

Ocean Vodka Distillery
4051 Omaopio Rd, Kula, HI 96790

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