See If You Have What It Takes To Survive In Arcane

We actually talked about this event earlier with our announcment article, (See it Here), but the people at Secret Cinema invited us to the experience to cover it for our site.

I will admit this experience does not allow recording equipment or even phones within, and as such we do not have any of our own images and footage. The images we use in this article are all proved to us from Secret Cinema. So sorry for anyone who usually comes to us to see our video coverage, you’ll just have to read our review.

Story of the Event
In the utopian city of Piltover, the people are celebrating Progress Day but not for the likes of us. No we humble few must return to the undercity of Zaun, which sits well below Piltover. Unfortunately, the noxious gasses of the undercity are very strong, so masks will have to be worn throughout the attendee’s visit.

In the underbelly, Shimmer is traded, sold, and stolen. Shimmer is power, and all of the factions are fighting for control of the dangerous and illegal substances.

Who You Are
When you buy your tickets you’ll be required to register on their site Here, and select a name, and create your backstory. It is here that you will also be assigned to a faction. Players are encouraged to dress up, but more specifically asked to wear the color of their faction. This is very important, as it will allow you to easily see who is your ally when you walk through the busy streets.

The Experience
Firstly, Wow. This experience is a lot of fun. To give you a breakdown, you start being forced down the bridge to Zaun, and the events of the first season of the show will be presented in a mixed medium experience. The bridge looks like the one in the first episode, with smoke and the sounds of gunfire raging around you. At one point the Vi and Powder enter the real world as their tragic experience is re-enacted before you. The story fasts forward and is more of a cliff notes representation of the series, so SPOILER if you are still behind.

From there you’ll enter into the actual world of Zaun. In the space, they will have The Last Drop, The Lanes, Benzos, and more! You can pick up some awesome drinks and some tasty treats (They have vegan options as well) between missions. When you aren’t breathing in the amazing setting, and tasty food, you can run around performing missions to help your faction retain and gain Shimmer, but be warry of the enforcers.

Is It Worth It To Purchase Premium Tickets
So tickets for the event go for $70, but you can pick up a premium ticket for the event for $140. So what is the point of picking up the premium pass? Well, first you gain three physical benefits, a free drink and food of your choice, and a pin for the premium faction. That’s right if you get a premium ticket, then your faction is chosen without random decision. You become a member of the Children of Zaun, led by Silco. Those physical benefits are at least worth $40.

You also get access to a locker system, priority access, and viewing paces for the intro experience for the event. It was awesome to be able to be introduced to Silco personally and get to connect and gain personal missions from him.

I will be honest, I highly recommend picking up the premium passes.

If you want to pick up tickets for the event, you can do so Here!

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