No Late Fees At Los Angeles’s New Blockbuster Speakeasy

With all the things going on in the world, it’s nice to escape to something friendly and familiar from the past.

That is exactly what Bucket Listers and New Gold Empire have done with this brand new and amazing experience dedicated to the once great movie rental chain.

Tickets holders for this experience enter the establishment and are given old school Blockbuster membership cards, these are tickets that can be used in exchange for cocktails at the speakeasy. How do you pick out and get your cocktails? Well, that’s an experience all of it’s own.

Look around the store and find movies. Each display case connects directly to a dedicated cocktails. There is a large variety of drinks available! Find your favorite movies, look at the ingredients and see if it’s right for you. Then pick up the box, and take it to the register to “check it out.” The clerk will then get right away to making your movie drink a reality!

At the preview we sampled the Avatar as well as The Big Lebowski. Both are amazing and unique beverages that perfectly encapsulate the film and make the experience truly unique!

Even after you’ve basked in the nostalgia of the speakeasy, there is still more to do! You can enjoy some retro video games play or head through the “Adults Only” section to the patio for some pog play. *Fun fact, Blockbusters did not have any adult section during their run due to the fact that the owners were highly religious.

They even have a couple copies of the Blockbuster board game that you can play at your table.

Getting peckish? No worries! There’s also additional snacks and food available at the establishment. Purchase deconstructed smores, pop corn, burgers, and even adult-lunchables. This event has something for everybody, with enough going on to not only sate your nostalgia, but your interests as well!

Tickets for this experience are available Here!

Make sure to pick up your preferred date soon as tickets will definitely sell out!

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