We Stop By The Fan Strikes Back Star Wars Experience

Are you a true fan of Star Wars? What’s your favorite Star Wars film? All these things are phrases that people will shout at you as you go back and forth and try to explain the level of sincerity you have in your enjoyment of one of the most polarizing, uniting, and interesting franchises of current and past pop culture.

With all the ups and downs that the fandoms has had over years, it’s good to see one specific event that allows fans of almost any franchise within the series to be able to go find some nostalgic love and enjoy themselves in the rich history of Star Wars.

Whether it be a full costume, accurate armor, recreations of the weapons from the film, full size dioramas of Jabba’s Palace, an Ewok Village, or even a recreated Pod Racer, the Fan Strikes Back exhibit gives you many ways to engage with, view, and enjoy one of the best sci-fi franchises in the world.

Another really fun and engaging way to interact with the space was with their bounty hunter experience where you looked around for hidden codes, numbers of specific items, and messages hidden throughout the experience. People who proceed to collect all of that answers are able to win a small prize, for us it was a Boba Fett pin that day.

At the end of the experience, there was so many amazingly fun and cool items you could purchase in the gift shop to take home for the Star Wars fan in your life. Keep an eye out for when the Fan Strikes Back experience tours near you so you can experience it as well.

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