Nerd Taste Of San Diego: Scream Zone At The Del Mar Fairgrounds

I stopped by the Scream Zone at the Del Mar Fairgrounds to give you guys a breakdown on what the event has to offer for those in the area looking for a fun and exciting event for the Halloween season.

From the start they try to throw you off balance with the entrance, as they lead you through a rotating tunnel. Once you enter the are, you are in an area dedicated to midway games. In this area you are able to purchase food, drinks, and even play a couple skill based games.

We tried out a couple of the games, and the axe throwing experience is probably the most satisfying, especially when you stick the axe into the target. The archery is definitely more challenging, but if you hit your mark you definitely have bragging rights amoungst your party members.

When it comes to event space amenities be prepared for a wait. The bathroom situation is a bit lacking due to the large amount of people who want to enjoy this experience. As with any portable bathroom section at events like these, as the night goes on, the area becomes darker, so be careful as a dimmly lit bathroom is one of the scariest things you will see.

The mazes are fun and have various themes and characters. The actors portraying the characters are the real attraction, they do a great job staying in character and giving a great experience. I have to give a shout out to one actor who timed her movements to a strobe light so she seems to disappear in front of you and reappear off to the side. I watched so many people get scared but also be safe the entire time. No one went too far or was obnoxious if you weren’t scared. It is an interesting aspect moving directly from one haunt to the next, with only the line wait to separate things.

The hayride, which you can enjoy at the end or the beginning of your journey (depending upon what ticket you have), is a fun ride though multiple environments where again, the actors portraying the characters make the experience what it is. They will scare you, as it is their job, but if you play along a bit, some of them will keep it going for extra fun.

All in all it is a fun experience, depending on the lines and what kind of ticket package you get, it can be over faster than you expect. One tip though, unless you want to leave a cash tip for food or drink vendors, credit and debit cards are used for all Scream Zone purchases. The food and drink vendors have their own policies, but generally attendees can expect a card purchase only event.

Pick up your tickets for this experience Here!

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