Explore Ghosts With The Grey Ghost Project

Ghost hunting has been a skeptical field for some time, and the Queen Mary has been ghost walked by fans for decades. But is the boat actually haunted? So many people stay on the boat as guests, eat meals, or even have weddings on the docked vessel.

With all that traffic, you’d expect that there would be a definitive answer to that question. I know a lot of people, including myself, have had a chilling experience on the historical landmark. However, is it actually haunted? Well, there in one way to confirm individually for each person who wants to know, the Estes Method.

Expert paranormal researcher Rebecca Knight has taken up residency on the Queen Mary, and is taking groups through the vessel with the Estes Method, and documentation of your experience! Not only will you be able to enter sections of the ship, not available to the general public, and use evidence-based exploration through the paranormal. Participants, under review of others, will wear noise-isolating headphones and a blindfold while listening to a spirit box. Push the question to the forefront, and finally get your answer about if this boat is actually haunted.

It wont just be that though, as attendees will also enjoy a 3-hour exploration that will include information about lore and the history of the ship. All required ghost hunting equipment will be provided by the tour and any documentary evidence found during the experience will be recorded and participants will be provided access to a digital copy upon the completion of the experience.

The experience runs on select nights Friday through Sunday and Tickets are $125 per person. For a complete schedule and to reserve your tickets head Here!

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