We Stopped by TinselTown In 2023!

The Pattern Bar is a quaint little homey hole in the wall located at the corner of Ninth and Spring Street. This window filled corner location became the home of TinselTown this winter season.

The walls of this bar have been taken over with wrapping paper, fake snow, and decorations galore! The large full-wall windows partnered with the snow creates an almost perfect Christmas feel. It doesn’t hurt that the cold air nips at you as you celebrate. Nips for as much as it could for a California Christmas.

The bar is still open to locals during the event, but to really take advantage the festivities, including a welcome cocktail, you need to pre-purchase a ticket.

For those looking to have more then one drink, I would recommend taking advantage of The Pattern Bars delicious food. Their nachos are a great value and the shrimp and bacon hard shell tacos are divine.

During the event attendees are invited to find out their slutty-elf name, work amongst themselves to solve themed trivia, and have a chill but fun night.

As for the holiday drinks, the bar has bent over backwards to create a great list of options with “Santa’s Little Helper” standing out for a real taste of the holiday, for a more untraditional flare, people can try the Ube and Coconut based rum drink “Silent Night.” What an amazing and interesting drink!

The music bumps holiday tunes the whole night, the mood is infectious, and the right company will make the experience perfect, so bring a bunch of friends! If you are looking for a way to bring forth the holiday spirit or shake off the humbugs, then this is the event for you.

Tickets for this event start at $22 and can be purchased Here!

Make sure to get your tickets before they sleigh off to next year!

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