Sate Your Sweet Tooth With Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and it’s “Savory Feast Kitchen” is now open at Universal CityWalk in the space that the Hard Rock Cafe once sat. This original and interesting restaurant is a copy of the ever successful version that sits at CityWalk in Florida right next to the sister Universal Theme Park.

It’s hard to miss the footprint of this beautiful restaurant as it’s clockwork marquee is matched to it’s 97-foot smokestacks. If it wasn’t for it’s stylistic design, you still couldn’t miss it as it’s location puts it at the heart of CityWalk.

This restaurant is designed to match costume victorian steampunk as it is hosted by character ambassadors Penelope and Jacques.

While the name makes it clear that there are sweet treets like milkshakes, desserts, and confections, the establishment also creates amazing meals with high end dishes for all ages. The dishes that catch our eyes the most happen to be the amazingly savory burgers like the “Pub It Up”, the awe inspiring “Brisket and Wild Mushroom Meatloaf”, and the “Grilled Teriyaki Salmon.”

The location is open for Brunch and Dinner with many options to keep you coming back. If you are on a hurry to your day at the theme park, you can always run into the “Dessert Foundry” and grab some grab-n-go milkshakes or candy to hold you over in the lines at Universal.

So, when are you getting a milkshake at Toothsome? Schedule your reservation Here.

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