Lost Spirits Bring Seances To Amazing Distillery

Lost Spirits is a wonderful distillery with an amazing tour, see our prior preview Here. For almost a year, the Lost Spirits experience at Area 15 has been providing amazing dining service due to the experience’s partnership with Chef Taylor Persh.

Now starting on March 16, 2023 they will be adding a new experience with their Séance Room!

Bryan Davis has created some amazing experiences, and their newest one focuses the experience of their guests toward a 1920’s styled séance with a mix of special effects and modern circus performances.

Using authentic artifacts from history, the experience will attempt to conjure the soul of Thomas Edison!

While you will not be in any danger, the experience will bend you around the laws of physics with a mix of acrobats, magicians, contortionists, singers, burlesque dancers and so much more!

Book your tickets for the experience Here!

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