Peggy’s Coffee House – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Peggy’s Coffee House is an absolute gem hidden away in Temple, TX. Whether it’s a creative drink on the menu or an imaginative theme, you can always expect a new surprise every time you walk in to Peggy’s. Opened in 2014 by owner Rob Brandenburg, the coffee shop is both charmingly homey and inventive in its style.

This Halloween season brings Texas Chainsaw Massacre to get your heart racing along with that caffeine. The shop has been lovingly crafted into quite the spooky homage to the horror classic. Featuring many creepy props, the set up also includes pieces donated by the community to add to the local character of the shop. While you’re checking out the amazing decor, make sure to grab one of the spooktastic drinks that are not only delicious, but add to the scenery themselves. You can choose from a wide variety of options, including Grandpa’s Grave with edible mealworms, a Slaughterade full of gummy body parts, and the option to Slaughter your Frappe. If you’re looking for an option with less sugar, Peggy’s also features Death Wish Coffee, with whom they’ve had a partnership since the day they opened. Rob’s decision to feature Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the shop this year led to the historic Beltonian Theater to decide to show the classic with a midnight showing this past Friday.

Peggy’s got its big break in 2016, when Rob decided to not only take on Harry Potter as the theme for the shop, but to also serve the most authentic Butterbeer around. He travelled to Universal Studios and worked tirelessly to perfect his recipe until it was the perfect brew. Launching the Butterbeer right as the local Premier Cinema & IMAX Theater began their marathon of all 8 Harry Potter movies leading up to the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was an absolute triumph. People travelled from all over to see the decked out coffee shop and of course, to have a Butterbeer. This spellbinding beverage is available year round, no matter what theme is being shown off currently.

Rob opened Peggy’s Coffee Shop in honor of his late mother, Peggy Brandenburg. Rob wants the shop to feel like home, a place in the community where people can come together in the midst of all life’s chaos. He works with other local businesses and his patrons to maintain a web of connection and support for each other. Rob started in the Temple Mall with his kiosk, Under My Skin. After his mother passed in 2013, Peggy’s Coffee Shop was opened as his first storefront in the mall. Soon to follow came Under My Skin getting its own storefront. Rob then acquired Candy & More, and then Big Top Pretzels. He also works hand in hand with FX Games, a local gaming shop that is giving GameStop a run for its money, and Bell County Comic Con. It’s revitalizing to see these local businesses becoming the heart of the Temple Mall, and the city of Temple itself. You can look forward to the upcoming Christmas decorations at Peggy’s this holiday season. Rob has hinted that Christmas this year may include some surprises from the stars, as The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters this December. As always the Christmas tree will glow brightly with care and with decorations from Rob’s home.

No matter the season, you can always find an homage to the Harry Potter theme that got things started. Sip your Butterbeer by the fireplace, and pay mind to the welcome mat: Wizards Welcome. Muggles Tolerated.

Peggy’s Coffee House
3111 S 31st St, Temple, TX 76502

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