UNDEAD – Haunted House of Dances – Review

UNDEAD – Haunted House of Dances is a delightfully frightful modern retelling of Dracula, with some much appreciated and well executed additions. Read on at your own peril, if you wish to avoid spoilers for this thrilling ballet.

Our endearing heroine, The Huntress, takes center stage of this tale as she is enclosed in rolling fog and chased by the many fearsome creatures that call the Undead Woods their home. Her innocent charm is not left unnoticed, as she encounters Dracula in the darkness of the forest. Gifted a blood-red ruby necklace, she must then purse the vampire through a multitude of fiendish horrors that block her path. Clockwork porcelain dolls encircle and pursue The Huntress, and her escape leads her into the realm of the witch, who undeniably steals the show along with sidekick Carol the spider with their captivating musical number. The witch provides wickedly biting comic relief, absolutely reveling in being a force of darkness. After bestowing a protection charm upon our heroine, the sheer purity of this good deed cannot be tolerated, and the witch orders Carol to stir up some devilish mischief.

Enter the zombies, as the mischief unhinges the mortal realm and sends it spiraling into the apocalypse. Society crumbles in the wake of these monsters’ elegantly gruesome dance. The Huntress continues her pursuit through the Undead Woods despite this grim catastrophe, searching endlessly for the wretched but alluring Dracula. She finds the woods is also home to a menacing werewolf, who performs an unexpectedly violent modern breakdance that launches into the audience. However, once she feels the danger has passed and she resumes her search, she finds she was woefully mistaken, as a swarm of Dracula’s bats encircle and pursue her. Her escape from the bats is short-lived, as the brides of Dracula also track her down swiftly with beautifully haunted grace.The Huntress once again comes to face with the vampire for a breathtaking climax.

UNDEAD – Haunted House of Dances met and exceeded our expectations for an evening of unearthly elegance from this contemporary ballet. Director AJ Garcia-Rameau went above and beyond to craft this eerie immersive show, and we look forward to getting to experience more of her imaginative dances in the future. We hope to see this show become a staple in the Halloween scene in Austin. Check out their upcoming Christmas show, The Watchmaker’s Song, coming soon this holiday season. This burgeoning company is proving its worth as an unshakeable representation of modern dance, and a staple of Austin culture.

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